Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. The customers who have registered on World Air Holidays only will have the right to avail these facilities mentioned herewith.
2. According to the offer amount that is fixed and confirmed , the consumer will receive message in the consumers mobile , the offer can be sanctioned.
3. In any case , The World Air Holidays has full right to make changes in the offers .
4. If there is any problem arising between you and the customer , it must be aimicably settled between the two of you.
5. Due to the deal , if there is any repairs , financial loss etc arising from the customers side , World Air Holidays would not be responsible by any means.
6. The services given to customers can be ceased or the rates changed by the World Air Holidays at anytime if need be.
7. The yearly registration amount would be deducted from the first deal itself.
8. This discount is not applicable for company packed items and beverage items.
9. The loss / profit that occurs due to the cancellation of the order that the customer gives should be solely borne by you.
10. If any loss happens to the customers due to the service agents default , The World Air Holidays will not be responsible for it by all means.
11. In any way if there are legal cases it can be resolved only in Pattambi Munsif Court.
12. If any changes are done by the service agent in the services of booking in the hotel / booking for serving meal etc there would be no responsibility on the part of the World Air Holidays.
13. If in case any loss of goods etc incurs on my part / my group , I am solely responsible for the same , and liable to remit the amount of the loss too.
14. In order to receive this discounted bill amount , my club id number should be given to the service provider is what I have understood. .